Pre-Wedding Photoshoot – Locations to pick from

Guests decided, invitation cards made, dresses finalized, pre-wedding shoot location? Didn’t think about it yet? Life is all about capturing beautiful emotions and memories. A wedding surely is one of the most cherished moments in anyone’s life. So why not make the most of it?

We’ve handpicked some of the best pre-wedding shoot locations, near you, and the best pre-wedding shoot locations all around India, for you to check out and organize your very own special shoot.

Pre wedding photoshoot


Is it your lifelong dream as well to get married like royalty with the class? Then look no further. Apart from royal invitations to distribute, you can expect royalty in your shoots here with magnificent forts and breathtaking palaces at your service. Intricate carvings, a historical vibe, and the never-ending sense of bonding here would make your pictures breathtaking.


This place is the result of when we mix luxury with style, and then throw in a little love. The spectacular architecture will say a lot about your personality. Like the ultimate wonders of palaces situated amidst the waters or even private islands with flourishing beauty. These places are enough to showcase how a pre-wedding shoot location should look like. You’ll get that dreamy, romantic, cheesy romantic photo session, which you secretly wished for.


Be prepared to capture love in the rawest form in the backwaters of Kerala. To bring out that pure love and sense of togetherness in your pictures, this place is the best. The beautiful resorts here will bring forth charm and romance into your lives and photos.

Auli (Uttarakhand):

Who wouldn’t want to be in Heaven? Called Heaven on Earth due to its slopes bathed in snow sheets, Auli is no less than our very own Switzerland. It’d be enough to give you awe-inspiring photos and a ton full of memories.

Spiti (Himachal Pradesh):

Nothing shouts majestic like the Alps do. Picturesque lakes, snow-capped mountains, and a pinch of medieval touch, all enough to provide that adventurous twist in your pre-wedding photo session.


Surreal, refreshing, grand, and romantic. These adjectives are enough to pull anyone to this beautiful land. Goa has enough beaches and waterfalls to serve as some of the best destinations for the tropical beach lovers out there to reel back the romance and get drop-dead romantic pictures as well.

Rushikonda Beach (Visakhapatnam):

White sand with pure crystal water forming a magnificent backdrop can never go wrong. Almost less to no crowd, this place has the perfect beach vibe to match the perfect couple for the perfect occasion.

Pangong Lake (Tso):

Get ready to witness the prime example of pristine beauty. 160km away from Leh, lies this breathtakingly beautiful blue lake. Its mesmerizing view can provide the perfect backdrop for your pre-wedding photo session.

French Quarter (Pondicherry):

If you are a sunshine, clear skies-loving person, then you’ve hit the jackpot. These elegant-looking French colonies in Pondicherry offer perfect hints of yellow hues and a pinch of blue. The colorful streets, breezy atmosphere and scenic charm oozing out of this place can make anyone fall in love!

Wandoor Beach (Port Blair):

Here we are back at the beach again. But it is no ordinary beach. Wandoor Beach serves the best sunrise and sunsets and is one of the best beaches in Andaman-Nicobar. A romantic blanket of weather, different colored coral sightings, and the blue waves. All of these combined provide the best view for your pre-nuptials!

These were some of our best picks of pre-wedding shoot locations in India, but exploration is the key! With the best invitations on the table and perfect shooting locations, you’ll be able to enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime experience to the fullest.

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