Wedding Etiquettes – How to behave at a wedding

Indian weddings are a sight to behold. A wedding is an extravagant ceremony, which goes on for a few days and looks no less than a festival itself. While as guests, we are supposed to bless the lovely couple and shower them with blessings, there are certain wedding etiquettes that one needs to follow. 

The Indian weddings are pretty carefree and fun but these wedding etiquettes are like unwritten and unspoken rules that everyone has to accept. Indians are pretty generous when it comes to heart but by ignoring these etiquettes, you might unknowingly insult the hosts or come in their bad books. 

So here’s a list of common wedding etiquettes that one must follow while attending a wedding:

Stick to the code:

Not every wedding that you are going to attend might have a dress code but many weddings nowadays have these special looks and themes planned. It is always advised to follow the theme and code as instructed. It not only shows your inclusiveness and respect towards the host but also prevents you from looking completely out of the place. Plus it’s always cool when things turn out the way they were planned for the big day.

Each grain counts:

It doesn’t matter how much the family, that is hosting, earns. Every grain, that we consume, is made with love, sweat, hard work, and sentiments. Wasting it all by saying, ‘I’m full’ or ‘I took more than I was supposed to, I don’t feel like eating more or just straight up throwing the well-cooked food is the worst thing that you can do at a wedding. The host might not point it out, even after observing, due to the pressure of societal rapport but this is the most basic wedding etiquette one needs to acquire.

Not everyone needs close-ups:

Weddings are an intimate affair. Everyone is meeting, people gather from faraway places, there are hugs and tears and laughter. It’s okay to get carried away in the fun and joy of the atmosphere. But it is not okay to overdo your welcome. Greeting everyone with a safe distance is the wedding etiquette rather than going in for awkward hugs, smothering kisses, unknown flirting, or other such behavior. While it may not seem like a big deal to you, you might just make the person in front of you very uncomfortable.

Stay in senses:

As it is said above, it’s okay to get a little carried away by the fun and joyous surroundings, completely losing yourselves to intoxicants such as alcohol and more, is certainly not very festive. No one likes a drunken liability. It’s common wedding etiquette to stay within one’s limit while consuming such stuff and what exactly is the point of attending a wedding when you won’t even remember it the next day?

Empty hands don’t look good:

This one might seem more like a social obligation, but it does fall under the wedding etiquettes that one needs to know. Showing up at someone’s without anything to give as a gift or a congratulatory token is not appreciated. Even something as small as a deity’s statue or maybe a photo frame can work wonders for the couple. No one might notice that you showed up with empty hands but you will sense it while leaving with filled-up bellies. No, your precious blessings are not enough to be passed as a gift. At the same time, one should keep track so that they don’t over-gift someone, as it might come off as ‘bragging’. Who said weddings were easy?

Respecting Religions:

It is a must, to completely understand the religious practices and traditions of the people who are hosting the wedding. Being ignorant to their customs and values, or by violating their beliefs, you certainly won’t look cool or rebellious. Valuing someone’s heritage and being a part of their celebration is the least that is expected from us as a guest. Even if you don’t understand some of the rituals, just pay your greetings, gift, and bless the couple, pick up the plate, and ciao!

These were some of the most basic etiquettes that one can acquire as a guest at any wedding. There are however many more such etiquettes that one needs to follow which can vary from wedding to wedding. Just keep a mental track and you’ll be good to go!

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