Perfect Wedding Venue – Quest for the best

A perfect wedding venue is every couple’s dream. But what exactly makes a perfect wedding venue? The perfect environment, perfect scenery, perfect location, and perfect exposure in a perfect budget. A perfect wedding venue must have many qualities. It should be easily accessible to guests, should have some emotional value to it, and should have a personalized touch to it.

A perfect wedding venue can be pretty hard to find with all the added responsibilities. You might not find what you like, may not be able to do certain changes you wish to, you might get entangled in other work and might miss out on few points that are important for any wedding venue.

Don’t sweat it, as we have curated a list of tips and factors that you need to keep in mind while selecting the venue for your perfect day:

Wedding venue

The Planner talk:

It seldom hurts to talk to someone who knows his/her way around the task. Before hunting down locations and drawing your dream map wedding, you must talk to a planner. A wedding planner can not only tell you what suits your idea of the perfect wedding venue best, but also many other options and choices. He/she would know the pros and cons of places, do’s and don’ts while choosing, etc. He would know what to exactly expect from a wedding venue. Talk before you start to walk.

Best to know guests:

Knowing beforehand an estimated number of guests that are attending your special day is always better. You can make a guest list, and write down all the names expected. You can always have a space a little bigger but a congested venue would look shabby. A perfect wedding venue should be able to easily accumulate the number of guests you have without any sense of confinement. Better safe than sorry.

Hand on your pocket:

Who are we kidding? A wedding in itself is an expensive once in a lifetime (cross fingers) event. Everything needs to be perfect on your big day. Clothes, food, decorations, fountains, cutlery, tables, etc. This can easily cost half or maybe sometimes all of your life savings. It may also put the burden of a loan on you. You don’t want that burden to increase right? So only spread as many sheets as you can. Going out of the way, forgetting your budget can be harmful. Check off some lavish items, hold back on few fancy decorations or invite a little less, but keep your budget in hand.

Experience count:

One should always see the people’s experience to have a better result. If the guests are coming for a destination wedding, from far-off places, it is advised to keep your perfect wedding venue near to the hotel they are staying in. Or ask beforehand how many people can the houses and hotel in your venue hold? The comfort and convenience of your loved ones should be your top priority.

Being true to your grounds:

You have a vision. You have the resources needed. You have your emotions attached to it. But you change it last moment thinking it’s not good or flashy enough as per the society standards. Don’t. Nothing will ever be good enough to satisfy everyone. It’s always better to stay true to your roots, your visions, and your reality.

A perfect wedding venue has an emotional connection, a history, a tale to tell. Doesn’t matter if it pleases the eyes, or whether it’s posh enough for the people to see. Being honest with your preferences and grounds is admirable. It adds another charm to your already beautiful and perfect wedding venue.

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