Healthy Marriage – Tips to keep it evergreen

A healthy marriage is something every couple strives for in their lives. People, especially couples always ask for marriage advice, a healthy marriage checklist. The same question arises in almost every mind- how to have a successful marriage? A healthy marriage does not mean having fewer fights or attending functions together. The characteristics of a healthy married life are being happy in each other’s company. Being able to show your true self and not wear a mask (no pun intended). A healthy marriage takes years to form and patience to keep it going.

Are you a bride or groom-to-be, who is eager to know how to keep their journey ahead pleasant? Are you a married spouse who wishes to win his/her marriage spark again? Are you just a partner who wishes to put in efforts to make the best of his marriage remaining? Well, keep your worries aside. Walk into the points below with an open mind and acceptable behavior to lead a more happy and satisfied life with your partner.

Healthy Marriage

Here are 10 tips for a healthy married life and to make your marriage long-lasting as well:

Wishing goes a long way:

Just starting a day on a positive note, right after you open your eyes. Saying just a casual and joy-filled Good Morning or wishing each other to have a nice day. The gesture might be small but works like a charm. Happy morning leads to a happy day. Also, just wishing each other goodbye. Right before you leave for work, never forget to bid one another goodbye. Few seconds keep the affection alive.

Restrict sharing only to them:

Sharing your innermost feelings and deepest secrets could open the gate to understanding. When one confides in his/her partner, the partner feels wanted and special. The smallest of the secrets can make the bond closer. But keep the sharing secrets restricted to your spouses. Stop discussing your intimate details, marital troubles, spouse’s secrets to friends, family, for however close they may be.

Laughter should have the last word:

Fights are inevitable in a marriage. No one is perfect or can perfectly fit into another one’s life. So fights, arguments, conflicts are bound to arise. Try to end the fight or an argument with some casual joke or comment to lighten the mood. Don’t wait for the one to make the move. You can drop a laughing bomb in the middle of a fight maybe. Humor seldom disappoints.


Be it the bill on the first date or your household responsibilities, splitting works either way. Dividing day-to-day chores and expenses can help in building team spirit and balance. The best way to end the gender stereotypes and affirming healthy habits. Girls can wear ties and boys can wrap an apron, it’s the 21st century.

Compliment first, critic second:

It’s pretty easy for anyone to criticize each other when they live together. Once you start being with each other you start noticing things that you can’t stand anymore. But it is important to always maintain a positive and motivating approach towards each other. Instead of jumping straight to the point and raising fingers, you can lighten the blow by compliments. You can name a good habit, something that you love, and then slowly point to the thing that’s annoying you.


We have 26 letters, 1000s of phrases, lakhs of languages and we still don’t use them to talk it out of our problems. Instead of not talking, being distant, you can talk. Sit down. Discuss. Have a conversation like the adults you are. Most of the time, conflicts arise from misunderstandings. It can easily be sorted out and even avoided if both the partners have discussions and confront the situations together.

Keep the dating game strong:

Who says love has to grow old along with the marriage? Keeping the love alive is one of the most challenging and important tasks for a married couple. Going out once in a while, dressing up nicely, having a fancy dinner together. All of this can bring back the rush of being married and can increase intimacy and understanding. Not to forget it keep the marriage alive and lively!


The phone buzzing with gossips can wait. The football match can be recorded. Groceries can be ordered later. Take. Time. Out. Prioritize each other. Fix time in your busy schedules to make sure you and your partner have enough time to talk, share and discuss life. You must be able to sit around, not necessarily do something but just enjoy each other’s company. In hectic schedules like today, it’s important to assign some time for ourselves so that we don’t forget what the other one looks like.

Change is inevitable but not a necessity:

The beard that you loved before marriage may now stand out as a prickly bush. The nails that were so long and beautiful at first may look like claws coming at you. Changes happen. People change. Relationships change. Life change. Circumstances change. But that certainly doesn’t mean we have to change as well. Neither does the other one. Try to accept each other just the way they are. Accept the flaws and the perfections. There’s beauty in satisfaction.

Efforts speak louder:

Coming back home from the office and picking up a bouquet or getting back the clothes from dry cleaning. Seems like a small deal? It works wonders. In a marriage, every effort counts. You can change a channel for the other or maybe add their favorite topping on the pizza when you order. Adding efforts shows that the relationship means something to you. It’s worth keeping.

A healthy marriage is always made by efforts, mistakes, care, love, and understanding. No marriage is perfect or flawless straight from heaven. You and your partner have to make it work. So here were some of the tried and tested ways to keep the spark growing and to help you go together for a long run.

Remember only you know the real secret to a long, happy and healthy marriage.

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