Marriage Under Lockdown -A Covid 19 tale

What started as a common communicable disease, turned out to become a worldwide pandemic last year. Shops and malls were closed, no schools, offices were in function, and marriages in India were getting postponed, making it very hard for us.

We all were hoping, especially the brides and grooms to be, for this pandemic to last only till 2020 so that they can enter into their new married lives. We were all wishing for it to be over the same day we opened our eyes to the dawn of 1 January 2021, but the matters are only worsening now.

The impact of Covid-19 has brought many visible changes in social behavior and our actions. New trends started, need for companionship was required, people started indulging in various activities. Here came the newest fad, Marriage under Lockdown.

Marriage Under Lockdown

Marriage in India is a lavish tradition that requires a lot of time and effort. Starting from the very first step of deciding on a wedding invitation card, which if they are lucky and have Innov Online Invitation Cards services will be a piece of cake.

Otherwise, it can take easy 2-3 days full of hassle and confusion. Venue, dress codes, cuisine, music, gifts, decorations, and whatnot. But Marriage under lockdown started out as a compulsion but became a fast-growing fashion.

People were advised to keep the big fat Indian marriages on diet and lay low with the celebrations while following all the covid-19 wedding rules in India. The ceremonies were pretty subtle and short with around 50-60 guests due to the pandemic effects on marriage.

Not only did this help couples in saving a heck load of their money (and use it wisely later), it was even more fun and personalized for people. Only the closed ones were there and the ceremonies were rather fluid. People in India were not enjoying it at first. It has always been “go big or go home” for us.
But since this Lockdown wasn’t leaving us anytime soon, the brides and grooms surely wanted to leave their “bachelor’s” status behind.
Lockdown witnessed some of the highest numbers of weddings ever recorded in a single month despite the prevailing conditions.

The hassle of re-planning and postponing was more tiring than running a marathon. Canceling was never a pretty option for these matches made in Heaven.
Still, around 2500+ marriages under lockdown were canceled due to the effect of coronavirus, but at the same time, an unlikely big proportion of respondents went forward with their “I Do’s” leaving behind all the pandemic marriage issues.

Numerous marriages under lockdown were canceled or were even fined for exhausting their guest’s limit or mainly just for having a relatively high etched marriage, therefore stopping couples from becoming one. Many thought of dodging the risks and arrange marriage after covid-19 only.

The bride and groom’s basket was already overflowing with responsibilities. Violating rules, like not using sanitizers, not wearing a mask merely for seconds, was considered a crime which just added expenses and stress in that basket. It comprised as a serious marriage issue during the pandemic.
These marriages under lockdown turned out to be a stressful ride with almost, some to no spectators, PPE kits, and masks to hide all your pretty faces, and no showy, simple decorations. Whereas it was originally meant to be a fun day filled with beautiful surroundings, family member’s reunions, gorgeous dresses, and drool-worthy make-up.

The Lockdown confined people together. It might have affected adversely on persisting couples, but most of them have come out of the last whirlwind year looking strong.

When people were bound to be with each other 24×7, privacy almost became a myth. Yes, even lovely couples got bored crossing each other’s paths all day, every day.

Marriage in India was never an easy task nor a boring one. But the Corona Virus and the trend of Marriage under lockdown might as well have changed the total outlook of a Typical Indian Marriage for good.

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