E-Cards – The best?

Many of us invest numerous hours and days in preparing schedules for all the work that is to be done in marriage functions including marriage invitation card distribution.

But now we have all been draining our tissue paper supply because we can’t step out, courtesy of Coronavirus and Lockdown in India. With these restrictions and not much to do, why not get our creative minds working for marriage invitation card distribution?

Indians are known for their far-sightedness and never stopping ability, not even in this Coronavirus impact.

Even though there are many other things to plan for marriage, card distribution is one of the major responsibilities.

E-Cards wedding invitation

Covering each member and sending physical marriage invitation cards to our loved ones through courier services or even reaching out personally to our close ones due to this Lockdown in India seems like a hectic task.

While keeping the rules of the current lockdown in India as well as the coronavirus (Covid-19) precautions in mind, we can solve the problem of distribution of marriage invitation cards with the help of E-Cards.

E-Cards are Electronic cards that we can share through any electronic medium, be it your phone or a computer. E-cards can easily be shared online with vast and varied public. Leaving no relative behind.

Just one beautifully designed e-card for marriage or any other distant ceremony can free you from the toughest of all responsibilities. From the closest to most distant invitations will be covered in a single tap.

E-cards not only help us in reaching out to everyone, but they are way better.
E-cards are not only way less time-consuming but are also not very hard on our pockets (which are already burning due to all the wedding expenses that have taken place or will take place in the future). E-cards are very cost-efficient.

Also once you select, E-cards are easy to get modified, with much less hassle.
So start going through all our top-notch themes and designs and handpick your favorites e-card, as the best part of a marriage is letting your loved ones know about it with a beautiful invitation!!

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