Gifts On Weddings – Ace the giving game

Giving gifts at weddings is like an unspoken law. Everyone going to a wedding must carry it. Gifts are a token of gesture that you care enough for the couple and thought of bringing something. Of course, people write simple checks or hand out an omen envelope. Is that enough? Or even appropriate?

Simply giving money as a gift at a wedding sometimes can seem downright boring and so not thoughtful.

Why not gift them something special, new or trendy?

If you are looking for one such creative idea, look no more. We have created a list of best gifts for a wedding occasion:-

Gifts On Weddings

Customized goodies:

Doormats, wind chimes, shoes, rings. You name it, they customize it. It may sound pretty simple and maybe a bit old school. It works wonders. Just printing the couple’s name, calling their goodies Mr. and Mrs., maybe assigning them cute nicknames. It may sound like a small deal to you, but will surely give the newlyweds a new kind of rush and zeal. It’ll be worth watching their reaction as you give the gift on the wedding day!

Monogram love:

I don’t think my monogram obsession is gonna leave anytime soon. Why should it be honest? It’s a burning trend and is sleek, stylish, and just perfect as a gift for a wedding. Giving the couple monogrammed glasses, with their names, maybe nicknames or again, classic Mr. and Mrs. ones. Give it to them before the wedding starts so that they can use it at the big day, reception, and every day of their upcoming life together.

Matching is a must:

What shouts a newlywed more than wearing something matching? A perfect one to give at a wedding. Matching bracelets, watches, t-shirts, or even bathrobes! You can seldom overdue it with the matching trend as it is, and will always be a fashion!

Reading never hurts:

What if the couple was a pair of intellectuals? What would they appreciate as a gift on the wedding day? You got it, right amigos! A BOOK. Not just any book, but going out of the way, searching for some good ones. Cooking together, Tips for a healthy marriage, Marriage 101, or something like that. You can even step up and find some hilarious ones like Spouse in my house, Marriage rules, Modern romance, etc. Write a cute little note, maybe a nice, funny quote on the front page so the couple would always keep you in their good BOOKs!

Trips and tours:

Giving the couple alone time once the wedding is complete would be the ultimate gift for a wedding. Casually ask the couple about favorite places, dream destinations, or asking their relatives about their preferences. It’d help you to gain a better perspective and book them a trip. A stay at the beach or a silent peace of the mountains. You can never go wrong with a travel package. The couple would surely love you for letting them spend some quality time together.

Star map:

As fresh and romantic it sounds, this has to be THE gift on the wedding day that pulls the heartstrings. If their match is made in Heaven and their love was written in the stars, so why not gift them the actual celestial map!? This map is a graphic print that features a beautifully mesmerizing shot of the night sky at their wedding. You can run wild with words; add a small, apt statement below the picture along with the holy date. It’d be the perfect gift that the couple treasures for the rest of their lives.

While the sky is certainly the limit, you can always opt for the above options. They are easy, creative, and carry a beautiful and emotional value. Giving gifts at the wedding must show how much that couple means to you.

Your wedding gift should reflect your love, care, and affection, and showing your funky and trendy side would be an upside!

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