E-Cards Vs Physical Cards

Gone are those days when we would handicraft our invitation cards or spent hours in shops to first choose and then customize cards for certain functions and weddings.

One needs to match their footsteps according to the changing time. In times like this, when we don’t have much in our control, due to all the lockdown and social distancing, a new trendsetter is born. E-Cards.

Although one must argue that these digital cards have been persisting for a long, but they were never in the light. But these E-Card invitations are here to stay now as not only are they way more appealing than the paper cards, they come with their own set of qualities.

E-Cards Vs Physical Cards

Surely all of us remember those tiring days when we used to move street to street, shop to shop to find the one perfect marriage/party invitation for our loved ones. Then after hours of selection (with a card offering very limited functions), the exhausting work of personally writing the address and names of all your guests and sending them and waiting to receive their confirmation whether they received it or not?
Where on the other hand, now you can send one customized E-card online, from any to every family member of yours, in a gentle tap, and while we are at it let’s not forget the long list of attractions this E-card will be bringing with itself.

Not only would this card give you easy accessibility but also would be super easy to prepare. All you would have to do is, select your favorite E-card template from our E-card website, which FYI has lots of eye-catching and varied E-card designs with some groovy additional modifications such as, how would you like your E-card invitation to play your favorite Bollywood song when opened? Pretty cool right?

With easy customization and eco-friendly traits (as it’s not made of paper) as its strongest weapons, E-cards are also super cost-effective and wouldn’t burn a hole in your purse.

So with a clear winner at the end, put on your selection caps and creative minds running to choose from our never-ending stock!!

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